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"Shutter Island" release date Feb. 19, 2010.


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An unofficial homepage dedicated to Elias Koteas.   


Elias, early 80s

....and present day

       You know the face. You've seen the movies. Maybe you even recognize the name.  But somehow you can't put two and two together. You don't quite know from where you've seen him and you can't for the life of you recall previous roles or characters. And even if you do know him, the minute you mention his name, you get an emphatic "Elias who?" from others.

       Well, I'm here to present one of the most fascinating and talented character actors of his generation and put an end to the mystery of this somewhat elusive, but always illustrious actor.

       Let me introduce you to Elias  Koteas, one of the most incredibly, talented actors I've ever laid eyes on! For more than 20 years he has been making movies, picking and choosing his roles carefully and deliberately, slowing carving a name for himself as a great character and supporting actor. Even when he has some great screen time (as in "The Thin Red Line,") or even a Genie award-nominated starring role ("Malarek"), Elias still manages to play it low-key, obviously preferring anonymity over fame!

      He is one class act!

The Elias Rhapsody Commercial mystery....


  Elias's American Academy photo.

". . . right now there's people in my life that are giving me so much encouragement it's like beautiful air that's being blown into my life unexpectedly these past couple months. I feel, 'OK, that's great.'" 

-- Elias Koteas

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Look fast at 1:41 - 1:42

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