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Almost an Angel



If you can suspend belief for 90 minutes and accept Paul Hogan as an Angel, you'll enjoy this quirky, if not sappy, film about an ex-con turned angel wannabe.

     Hogan plays  Terry Dean, a thief who was just released from jail. He also happens to be an electronics wizard (which comes in handy if you're a high-tech thief).

     Terry gets hit by a car while trying to save a little girl (I guess some thieves have hearts). While in the hospital he has a vision of Charlton Heston, who tells him to let my people go (no, that's another movie). Charlton, a.k.a. God, tells him he's an angel and he must now redeem himself for his past wrongdoings.

     So, to make things right, he befriends Steve, a man in a wheelchair (Elias) and falls in love with Steve's sister, all while saving the children of the town and wrestling crocodiles (oops, that's another movie, too).

























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