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Apt Pupil

It's 1984, and sixteen-year-old Todd (played by Brad Renfro) is athletic and studious at school. However, after studying the Holocaust and Nazism, Todd has a newfound appetite for more information, especially of events that aren't taught in class, like gruesome details of the Holocaust and Nazis.

Elias as 'Archie'.On the way home, Todd sees a neighbor (Ian McKellen) who, despite the his advancing years, looks just like Kurt Dussander, a former Nazi SS officer still wanted for the atrocities he committed 40 years earlier. Todd blackmails the old man into telling him everything about the past lest he turn him in to the authorities.

Dussander reluctantly agrees and the two enter an unlikely and dangerous alliance. Todd slowly becomes obsessed with the power and horror that occurred nearly four decades earlier and eventually Dussander turns the game into his control and it becomes a battle of psychological wits.

Once again, Elias plays a character who's fate is sealed early on.


"You asked me before what my influences were. I've had time to think about. Monster movies, I love monster movies. Lon Chaney, Bela Lugosi. I love that stuff, that stuff turns me on. There is something about the ostracized guy that attracts me. The guy who is watching from the sidelines."

Elias quote in Venice Magazine,
Oct. 15, 2001



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