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This synopsis is taken from the IMDb.

A film within a film, this is a contemporary story of the making of a historical epic about the Armenian holocaust from 1915 to 1917, which killed. 1.5 million people. The story line follows how making the film transforms the life of an 18-year-old man hired as a driver on the production.

This is another Atam Egoyan-produced/directed/written project and there appear to be several of Atom's 'regulars' in the movie, including Bruce Greenwood and Arsinée Khanjian (Atom's wife).

Elias has done several films with Atom, including The Adjuster and Exotica as well as co-star Bruce Greenwood.

The movie was filmed around Calgary and Toronto, Canada and is in limited release.  Elias won a Genie award for his performance!


Here's more information on the film from Alliance Atlantis films (distributor).


"If Atom invites me to play in his sandbox, that's all the motivation I need to go to work.  He creates a truly unique working environment unseen in other parts of the industry. Over the years, he has fathered a family of actors, designers, technicians and crew who will drop everything else they are doing to come and work with him."

-- Elias on Atom Egoyan

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