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Dancing at the Blue Iguana

Dancing at the Blue Iguana.

     This movie is about five women who work at the Blue Iguana, a strip club, each for different reasons, each looking for something. Angel (Daryl Hannah) wants a family and actually believes that her low-rent apartment would be a good place to care for a foster child. Joe (Jennifer Tilly) plays an angry, sometimes violent stripper/prostitute with little regard for anyone else.

      Another dancer freely gives advice and writes beautiful poetry in secret. Another dancer has emotional problems stemming from her past family life. And another is a flirtatious drug addict, looking for a sugar daddy to care for all her needs.

      The action takes place over a couple of days, showing us a glimpse of the lives of each of the women, as each one faces a personal demon. Throughout the film, each girl dances and eventually dancing styles of each of the girls grows to reflect both their characters and their current emotions.

Here's a review on Dancing at the Blue Iguana.

Dancing at the Blue Iguana official site.


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