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     In this charming movie, Elias gets to share some screen time with the late Jessica Tandy, in her last movie role.  Although his character is relegated to a supporting role and a subplot, he does a fine job as Vince Lopez, a graphic designer who is having marital problems with Frieda (Bridget Fonda).

     When they meet an eccentric violinist named Camilla and her no-good son Harold, Frieda bonds with Camilla and Vince hits it off with Harold.  When Harold offers Vince a job in Toronto, Frieda stays behind and she and Camilla decide to do something compulsive -- drive to Canada for a violin concert.   Along the way, they encounter problems (losing a car in a lake and being duped by a con man).   But while they're having fun on the road, Harold gets word that Camilla has been kidnapped.  Vince suddenly finds himself concerned for Frieda's welfare and longing for the wife he has neglected.






















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