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    "What is it about a schoolgirl that gives her her special charm?" asks Eric, the character Elias plays in Exotica, a film by Canadian director Atom Egoyan.  As Eric, the DJ in a gentlemen's club called "Exotica", Elias is torn between Christina, a woman he used to love and the haunting tragedy that brought them together.

     The eerie, sensual feeling of this movie is compounded with numerous sub-plots and quirky characters including Frances, a tax accountant and  Exotica regular who desires Christina, for reasons other than the obvious; Thomas, a gay pet shop owner, who smuggles exotic eggs by day and picks up dates at the ballet by night; and Zoe, the owner of Exotica, who has entered into an unusal contract with Eric.  Somehow Christina is the link to these four characters and the apparent disjointed plot actually weaves itself into a satisfying conclusion when the truth is finally revealed.

       (It's nice to see Elias with long hair again!)






















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