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Hit Me

Watch the trailer at YouTube.

        A promo poster for Hit Me. Elias as Sonny the Bellhop.

     Elias plays Sonny, a frustrated and lonely bellhop, pushing 30 and employed eight years at the lackluster Stillwell Hotel. He works side-by-side, day-in and day out with Billy (Haing S. Ngor). Bridled by the responsibility of supporting and caring for Leroy, his disabled brother, Sonny has reached a point where he must take a good look at himself, assess his situation and either make a change or resign himself to his tedious, pitiful life. Elias as Sonny the Bellhop.

     Delivering room service one night, Sonny finds Monique, a beautiful but distraught woman. Within a matter of moments, he has served her dinner, saved her life and fallen in love with her. By doing so, Sonny has unwittingly stumbled into the illicit affairs of the underhanded hotel management and is at the mercy of the sadistic head of security, Cougar (Kevin J. O'Connor).

     First forced into the scheme and the sold out by his friend Del, Sonny becomes swept up in a plot that could make him more money than he's ever known. But the town cop (William H. Macy) is on to him. BY taking part, Sonny also risks his life and the lives of his brother and new love.

"Hit Me should stir the hearts of noir buffs, pulp fiction afficionados and unfiltered cigarette smokers everywhere. 'Hit Me' crackles with an unopologetic tough-guy gait. A heap of credit to the director for playing Thompson's story hand to pervection."
--Duane Byrge, The Hollywood Reporter







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