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Malarek (A Street Kid Who Made it)


     As Victor Malarek, Elias got his first major role and garnished a Genie Award nomination for best actor.  The movie is based on the real-life story of Victor Malarek, a troubled youth, who becomes a street reporter for the Montreal Tribune after spending time in a juvenile detention center.

       When he witnesses a policeman's cold execution of a teen who escaped from the detention center, Malarek becomes obsessed with bringing those responsible to justice.

       Because he has first-hand experience in the youth center, Malarek is able to sympathize and fight for the rights of the abused and forgotten children.  His efforts to expose the abuses lead to a coverup regarding suicides in a nearby psychiatric hospital.   Wanted by the police for harboring a fugitive and under pressure from his editor to have concrete evidence,  Malarek becomes more determined to bring those accountable to justice.


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