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Two packs of werewolves, divided by principles, are signaled by the moon of the coming of an ancient prophecy.

As a boy named Timothy (Matthew Knight) approaches his 13th birthday, he is unaware that a transformation is about to take place. Unbeknownst to Timothy and his mother Rachel (Rhona Mitra), he is a special werewolf, who has been protected from evil by his grandmother (Barbara Gordon), his Uncle Jonas (Elias Koteas), his cousin Katherine (Sarah Carter) and her boyfriend, Adam (Shawn Roberts).

Rachel and Timothy have been unaware that the rest of the family are good werewolves that have guarded Timothy since birth. They know that Timothy is a half blood, and will control the destiny of the family. But they also know that Timothy's power will put him in danger, for there are other werewolves that revel and embrace their blood-lust that are prepared to kill to preserve their way of life. These werewolves, led by Varek (Jason Behr), Zo (Kim Coates) and Sonya (Natassia Malthe), are hell bent on finding Timothy...their kin.

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