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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


     The plot? Is there one? Do we care? April O'Neil, a TV news reporter, uncovers a teenage crime wave with the help of her unusual Turtle friends.

    The Turtles were mutated into a "humanlike" state by some sort metamorphasis goo in an underground sewer. The Turtles also have a mentor in the form of a Rat, who teaches them martial arts. 

    The Turtles use their skills to help fight crime in New York City, but when their mentor is kidnapped. April gets some help from a sports nut and self-appointed vigilante Casey Jones (Elias).

        Like I said, is there really a plot and do we care? All that matters is Elias has long hair. 'Nuff said.


Casey vs. Raphael (love the long hair):


Casey Jones photos!

"Class is pain 101, your instructor is Casey Jones."

April and Casey.





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