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Traffic:  The Mini-series


From the USA Network:

Based on the Academy Award-winning movie, Traffic: The Miniseries is a three-part USA Network Original Miniseries which takes an inside look at the highly lucrative world of illegal trafficking, a world in which supply and demand isn't just for drugs: it's also for goods, weapons, and even human beings. Traffic: The Miniseries explores the dark, inner workings of these illicit trade organizations, as well as the secret agents that risk their lives to apprehend the elusive criminals who are a part of it.

Elias at an advance screening of  "Traffic," Nov. 10, 2003.

Traffic: The Miniseries follows the story of Mike McKay (Elias Koteas), a field agent with the United States Drug Enforcement Agency who has traveled to Afghanistan to help dismantle that country's drug export operation. After making a fateful decision that effectively destroys his credibility, no one will believe him when Mike tries to tell his superiors that an Afghani drug shipment on its way to American shores also includes something that poses a much greater danger to the country. Meanwhile, back at Mike's Seattle home, his wife Carole (Mary McCormack) and son Tyler (Justin Chatwin) become pawns in a D.E.A. investigation that also involves Mike's long-time partner, Brent Delaney (Martin Donovan).

Traffic: The Miniseries also follows the story of Ben Edmonds (Balthazar Getty), an ambitious young Ivy League graduate who has just lost a fortune due to bad real estate investments. Strapped for cash, Ben goes to work for his father's Seattle-based garment business, and soon discovers that his dad has developed close ties to the Chinese underworld through the company's shipping operations. After his father's unexpected death, Ben takes over the business, and Ronny Cho (Nelson Lee), his father's Chinese contact, approaches Ben to try and keep the same "arrangement" that he had with Ben's dad. Ben then learns that the arrangement involves allowing Ronny to use the company's shipping containers for smuggling other cargo - including the shipment of illegal aliens into the United States.

And finally, Traffic: The Miniseries follows the story of Adam Kadyrov (Cliff Curtis), a Seattle cab driver who entered the United States illegally through Ronny Cho's immigrant smuggling operation. Adam is eagerly awaiting the arrival of his wife and daughter, who are also being smuggled into the country, but he soon learns that the ship carrying his family has gone down at sea with all hands lost. The sinking is reported to be an accident, but when bodies begin washing up on shore with bullet holes in the backs of their heads, Adam begins to doubt the report's validity. Desperate to know what really happened to his family, Adam begins to investigate, and the trail quickly leads him to even more murders - and puts his own life in grave danger.

Before long, the lives of all three men become intertwined in ways they never could have foreseen and don't understand... until the very end. Traffic: The Miniseries is the story of an industry where the power and seduction of money lures the innocent into a harsh, unforgiving, and dangerous world - a world in which wealth and power eclipses the value of human life.

Steven Hopkins of "24" produced and directed the first two hours.  The mini-series was filmed in and around British Columbia, Canada.



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