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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III


     The Turtles and their faithful companion, April (Paige Turco), have been sent back in time to 17th-century Japan which looks more like Oregon considering that's where the movie was filmed.

     A 17th-century character named Whit looks remarkably like 20th-century Casey, who looks remarkably like Elias (because both parts are played by him).

     The 17th-century story line revolves around a ruthless Japanese warlord (Sab Shimono), his rebellious son (Henry Hayashi), an English mercenary, his silly sidekick, a threatened princess and a mutineer from Wilson's ship (which is Elias, playing Whit). Since the subplot becomes much of the movie, the Turtles wind up more in supporting roles in their own movie.

     The Turtles soon find out that there isn't any pizza in 17th century Japan but they do introduce the Japanese warlords who speak Englis remarkably well, some well known English colloquialisms like "Make my day" and "I'll be back."

     There's not as much action in this movie as in the first two movies.












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